5 Live to Continue as Spirit

How can we continue to be the church during this time of trial?

Keep hope, stay alive, and stay with your Spirit Family during this time

1) Continue to pray for and support your Spirit family. 

Reach out to pastors & fellow congregants to see how they are doing.

2) Continue to worship inside and outside the Spirit Building. 

In-person worship has resumed at 75 person capacity per service: RSVP for worship. Continue to watch our YouTube livestream and past videos, and check in on our Facebook page.

3) Continue to financially support the church and worship through giving time, talents, and treasures. 

This can be done through online giving, mail, or assisting with new forms of worship.

4) Continue to support neighbors through outreach. 

Organizations, such as Feed My People, are looking for lots of volunteers right now.

5) Continue to love others through the wilderness. 

Regardless of your feelings on the current situation at hand, it is so important to support our neighbors.


If you have any questions at all during this time, please reach out!