Visitation Ministry

Jesus calls us to love and serve one another. As a community of faith, we support each other throughout life’s journey.

Our Lord encourages us to reach out to bring our faith community to our sisters and brothers in Christ who are unable to physically come to Spirit Lutheran. These members of the body of Christ who are homebound continue to nourish and grow in their faith and remain connected to their faith community in a variety of ways including participating in home communion and regularly receiving our newsletter. If you or someone you love is hospitalized, homebound, or in need of a pastoral care visit, please contact the Spirit Lutheran office, Pastor Roger Benrud, or Sharon Loe.

  • Communion Visitation Ministry – Communion Visitors provide the Sacrament of Holy Communion each month to our members who are homebound allowing the church to be more fully represented in their lives. If you are being called to serve as a Communion Visitor or if you or someone you love would like to be visited by a Communion Visitor, please contact Pastor Roger Benrud.
  • Newsletter Delivery Ministry – Our weekly newsletter is delivered in-person to our members in selected local care facilities. If you or someone you love would like to begin receiving a newsletter by postal mail, please contact us. If you would like to become involved in delivering our newsletter to our members in local care facilities, please contact Pastor Roger Benrud.
  • “Just Because” Ministry – This special ministry provides support, friendship, and encouragement for our members who are experiencing challenging, exciting, and difficult times in their lives. The baskets include a personalized note, in addition to food items like soup, muffins, fruit, snacks, or cookies. Spirit Lutheran volunteers assemble and deliver the baskets 1-2 times a month, as needed.

    If you know of someone who could use a basket..."Just Because," or to become involved, contact Carole Everson at or 715-450-1122.
    This unique ministry is always in need of baked goods, homemade soup (we provide the containers), microwave popcorn, pudding cups, blank notecards, and even sturdy baskets in all sizes.

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