Mission & Outreach

Spirit Lutheran believes God is calling us into this world – together.

Our vision is to illuminate and facilitate opportunities to participate in mission locally, regionally and globally. Compelled by the Spirit of Jesus, we strengthen the commitment for partnership and mission, as we inform the church and community and world about the love of Jesus.

Our goals:

  • Deepen the mission commitment of the People of Spirit by highlighting biblical teachings of love, service, hospitality and engagement in the world.
  • Welcome people and community organizations into partnerships that strengthen the entire community by paying particular attention to the most marginalized. We wish to participate in the transformation of the community.
  • Plant the seeds of Christ in the garden for all & nourishing the fertile ground for Christian spontaneity that compels people to want to join in.
  • Practice discipleship: Live our faith in the world, speak the story of Jesus, become and effective witness to the Gospel in today’s world
  • Represent the gospel as people who live out, encourage and remind one another of Jesus Christ’s life, death and his redeeming resurrection. The gospel is the foundation and the fuel for those who pursue mission. We will put vision into practice, and encourage and support others in doing so. 

How will we do this?

We will not promote community service, but will teach biblical mercy, that is service as an identity, not an event. Instead of a focus on events and projects, we'll focus on learning, Bible study, helping people identify their spiritual gifts, helping them turn their vision into practice - and LIVING into a missional lifestyle, rather than participating in a mission event.

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