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God has given us a NEW NAME! Posted on by Pastor Jim Ahlquist

No longer are we Our Saviors or First, or even Main or Oxford. Our new name is SPIRIT. Just as Jacob wrestled with God and humans and was given a new name (Israel), we too continue to struggle with our pasts’ and move into a new future. It’s not easy for any of us, but with a name like SPIRIT, we better quit reminiscing of how it used to be, and get out of the way and let God lead!

In my brief time here (2 months), I have listened to your histories, rejoiced with your ministries, and have been saddened by past experiences that have shaped you today. But this is not the end of our stories. Just as Jacob entered into a new future and passes his faith on to his descendants that continue to bear the name Israel even unto this day, so do we as SPIRIT Lutheran!

“This week, I think, the challenge and opportunity before us is to ask ourselves and our people to confess – to confess those names we’ve been called and call ourselves, the names that haunt us at night and pursue us during the day. We are called, that is, to share our fears and our failures, our setbacks and disappointments, our resentments and regrets. We are called to confess so that we might hear God’s response..." (David Lose)

...and move into the future with renewed missions and ministries as people of SPIRIT! God has given us a new name, and with this new name we can celebrate Friendship Sunday! See you at worship!

–Pastor Jim Ahlquist

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