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Spirit Sounds Posted on by Bev Smith

Do you have a musical instrument moldering in the back of a closet at your house? Are you one of us who fondly recalls band in middle or high school and you “sort of” miss it?? Come on…admit it…aren’t you sometimes tempted to unlock the case and blow a note or two or pluck a string just to see if it still sounds the same as it used to? Maybe try a riff just to test it out?! Well, do WE have a DEAL for YOU and that moldering instrument there in the closet!! SPIRIT SOUNDS is our new instrumental choir and we are really excited about it! Our rehearsals will be held on Saturday mornings twice a month at 9:00 a.m. in the Music Room downstairs. Just bring your instrument of choice and an adventurous spirit and the willingness to laugh and “fall down”, get up and keep trying until we get the music the way it SHOULD sound! Here below is the schedule of rehearsals as well as worship performances. Come on….don’t be shy…other folks haven’t played in years either and besides, you still have a few weeks to get your wind back and/or recall the fingering! Really…you’ll have a blast!!

Worship Services we'll play for in fall 2017
Oct 22 at 10:30 service
Oct 29 at 8:30 service
Dec 10 at 8:30 service
Dec 24 at Early Service TBA

Rehearsals for Spirit Sounds
(All rehearsals are at 9:00 a.m in the music room in the lower-level).

September 23 September 30
October 21 October 28
November 4 November 11
December 2 December 9

Any questions, please contact Bev Smith at or at 715-834-9602.

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