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Lutheran-Catholic Prayer Service Posted on by Spirit Lutheran

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther proposed his 95 Theses in a desire to reform the Church. This year marks the 500th anniversary of that historic event. The last 500 years have seen both helpful reforms and sad divisions. We pray for unity while staying committed to the truth. Throughout the world, Lutherans and Catholics will be gathering to pray together and commit together to the things we share in common.

Locally, a Prayer Service will be at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 1712 Highland Ave., Eau Claire, on Sunday, October 29, at 4:00PM. A choir of over 200 will lead the music. Food and fellowship will follow immediately at St John's Lutheran Church, right across the street. All Lutherans, Catholics and others are welcome. The Prayer Service will be live streamed on both the Regis Catholic Schools website ( and their Facebook page ( and will be archived in both locations for future viewing.

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