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By the Numbers Posted on by Mark Miller

To the congregation of Spirit Lutheran,

Here is a number for your consideration: 9.  This is the number of years I have spent working in the church office with the amazing volunteers, staff, and leaders of the congregation, initially at First Lutheran Church and then with Spirit.  But I’m afraid this number won’t get any larger.  My final day of work at Spirit Lutheran will be Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

 Here are some more numbers for you to consider: 151, 155, 1445

 151 is the number of baptisms I have helped to support during my time with the congregation, usually by completing baptism certificates, answering questions, and tracking information for families and clergy.  155 is the number of funerals for which I have played my small role, creating bulletins for the services and helping to coordinate staff and volunteers.  And 1445 is the total number of worship services I have helped to support with bulletins, multimedia, and a hundred other details.

 And one last number: 1.  This is not my number, however – it is yours.  1 stands for my life that you have changed in so many positive ways during my time with you as your co-worker, employee, and partner in ministry.  I am blessed and honored by our shared years.

 To each and every one of you I will say, this is not goodbye.  It is simply farewell for now.

 God is good, all the time.



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