The Lightbulb Season

Time After Epiphany

Light Bulb Moments

Ah-ha! Light Bulb Moments: a time for illumination, revealing, and transforming.

In this season, we find that we receive a revelation of Christ to all, including the Gentiles. In the next six weeks, we find that Jesus is revealing to us that he has come for us all. From his baptism to miracles, to healing and to the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. In this, we find times in which God gives us Light Bulb Moments - those moments in which God reveals to us something about God. For example, the Light Bulb Moment for the baptism of Jesus is knowing that we too are adopted through our baptism as daughters and sons and we too receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and a promise of God being with us through our lives.

What is your Light Bulb Moment? This is a moment in your life when God revealed something to you which caused you to grow in your faith with God.

~ Jennifer Hatleli, Associate Minister

What is your Light Bulb Moment?

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