Upcoming Contemporary Music

Listen to music that's coming...

Sundays // 10:30am

We want you to feel comfortable participating in worship!

Spirit's contemporary group, Spirit Reign, helps lead worship with modern Christian music that fits the theme of the week or season. Not all of these songs are familiar, which can be intimidating! We understand this, and want to give you a preview of what's coming whenever possible - in hopes that you'll feel more comfortable singing along!

*the original songs are occasionally altered to better suit group participation

Sunday, Nov. 18

"Let Justice Roll Down" - Chris Christensen
"Come Just As You Are" - Crystal Lewis
"Flow Like A River" - Billy Funk
"Make Us One" - Cindy Morgan
"You'll Come" - Hillsong Worship

Future Music

"My Feet Are On The Rock" - I Am They
"Old Church Choir" - Zach Williams
"Flawless" - Mercy Me