Educational Scholarships

Spirit Lutheran Foundation

Educational Scholarships

**We've extended the 2020 Deadline for scholarships until May 31st! Instead of dropping applications off, please email them to

The Foundation provides general scholarship funds to all qualified undergraduate and graduate college students of the congregation. Anyone from Spirit Lutheran who is interested in higher education, either at a college or technical school, is invited to apply. High school seniors who will graduate this fall and students who are currently enrolled in higher education, or to be enrolled, are eligible. Awards are not based on financial need or grades. 

Applications are available online or at the Spirit Lutheran church office, and can be submitted from January 1 through April 5 of this year. The Foundation reviews all applications in April and informs applicants of their decisions during the month of May. Checks for scholarship grants are issued in July and made out to both the student and institution of higher education.

Spirit Lutheran Foundation Scholarship Application 

For additional information, please any Spirit Lutheran Foundation Board member.

Seminary Scholarships

The Foundation provides 80% tuition support (up to $10,000 per year) for approved congregation members enrolled in an ELCA seminary for the purpose of entering ordained ministry. This support assists students who are lifted up by the congregation for pastoral leadership and benefits the whole church by training a pastor for the office of Word and Sacrament.

View the Foundation Seminary Tuition Policy

Candidates will participate in an interview as part of approval process. View the Seminary Student Initial Interview Guide.

For first year applicants, seminary students must bring the completed Tuition Funding Request at the time of their interview. Subsequent years must complete the Tuition Funding Renewal Request and submit to the Foundation.

Approved applicants will enter into a Covenant of Support between the student, Spirit Lutheran Church, and Spirit Lutheran Foundation. View the Covenant of Support.

Lay School of Ministry Scholarships

The Foundation funds tuition for those members of the congregation enrolled in the Lay School of Ministry, a two-year theological program of the NW Synod of Wisconsin. Members can request tuition support through the Congregation Council.

Pastoral Sabbatical

The Foundation has a dedicated fund to help support a sabbatical for clergy of Spirit Lutheran Church. Sabbatical leaves renew our pastors by giving them time away from the rigors of leading the congregation for the purpose of study, rest, and travel.